Cody C. Mason Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sedimentology

Constraints on rock uplift in the eastern Transverse Ranges and northern Peninsular Ranges
Link to open access Geosphere article
Pleistocene Climate in the Sawatch Range, Colorado
Link to open access Quaternary article
Amazon River to Fan Sediment Transfer
Link to open access GEOLOGY paper 

I'm an Assistant Professor of sedimentology at the University of West Georgia. My research deals with source-to-sink sedimentary systems and their functioning across changing boundary conditions, like climate and tectonics, over various timescales.


I teach Introductory Geology classes and upper division Sedimentary Geology courses for majors.


I am always looking for keen undergraduate researchers who wish to get involved with research projects. 

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Cody C. Mason

Department of Geosciences

University of West Georgia
Office G53
Callaway Building
1601 Maple St.
Carrollton, GA 30118


Trekking between refugios in the Italian Dolomiti