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Cycles of Andean Mountain building archived in the Amazon Fan
Link to open access Nature Communications paper
Constraints on rock uplift in the eastern Transverse Ranges and northern Peninsular Ranges
Link to open access Geosphere article
Pleistocene Climate in the Sawatch Range, Colorado
Link to open access Quaternary article
Amazon River to Fan Sediment Transfer
Link to open access GEOLOGY paper 

I'm involved in several ongoing projects focused on detrital geo-thermochronology from fluvial to deep-sea fan systems of North and South America.

Link to recent work in the Amazon system:

link to recent work in the Mississippi system:


I'm also interested in quantifying the erosional response of normal fault blocks to tectonic and climatic forcing in the American west using cosmogenic nuclides in detrital sediment.


Link to EPSL paper from the Panamint Valley:

Photos: sampling an IODP sediment core, detrital zircons (DZs), and U-Pb DZ age data from the Amazon Fan; Mason et al. (2019) 
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